Sundaramudaiyan. A sleepy hamlet 36 km off Rameswaram on the eastern coast of India, now wakes to take its place under the sun.  With immense tourism potential, it is waiting to transform itself into a world-class beach resort.

The waves and sands here have a story to tell.  Centuries ago, India's greatest hero, Rama set out from here to look for his abducted wife Sita.  Down the ages, a 300-year-old summer palace stands as mute testimony to the bygone magnificence of the Rajas of Ramnad.  A little over a century ago, the great saint, Swami Vivekananda walked on these shores after winning the West over with his wisdom.  Waves lap on the shore, the breeze rustles the casuarina trees as the fisherfolk prepare to go fishing and pearl diving.  A peek underwater reveals the myriad wonders of the coral reef.  All this and more.  Laid out at the very tip of Southern India.

Sundaramudaiyan transforms itself to Tranquility Bay
Tranquility Bay is a proposed peaceful seaside resort at Sundaramudaiyan village dedicated to tourism, leisure and recreation while conserving the ecological balance of the locale.
Inspired by the marine wealth found in abundance and nearby places of historical interest in Sundaramudaiyan and the easy accessibility of the coral reefs around the archipelago of pristine islands, the promoters are committed to developing this into an eco-friendly resort which shall provide ample facilities for leisure, recreation and tourism without disturbing the ecological balance.  Share the VISION of Tranquility Bay.

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